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Buy to Lets

A buy to let mortgage is a loan secured against a property which the borrower intends to let to a tenant. It is classed as a business transaction and is not regulated under Home Finance unless the borrower intends to let the property to a close family member, the property has been inherited or the borrower is unable to sell the property and needs to resort to a buy to let arrangement. We offer both regulated and unregulated products to suit professional landlords and accidental landlords.

Ingard have access to a diverse range of market-leading products that are suitable for individuals, limited companies, expats and LLPs. Many of our lenders will individually assess each case on its own merits, allowing us to offer tailored solutions if the deal makes sense.

Working with Ingard ensures you can cater to every type of landlord, regardless of whether it’s the borrowers’ first buy to let or they have a large portfolio of properties.

How to Submit Business

Referring an enquiry to us couldn’t be simpler, choose which of the two options below best fulfils your needs.

Quick Enquiry

If you would like us to provide and take responsibility for all of the advice then simply complete the Quick Enquiry form. Your enquiry will be assigned to a dedicated Case Manager who will contact the client and keep you informed on the progress of the case each step of the way.

We will not sell additional services to your client unless you ask us to, in which case we will pay you an attractive referral fee.

Full Application

If you intend to provide all of the advice to the client yourself and would like to purely take advantage of our placement and processing service then complete the Application Form. Your application will be assigned to a dedicated Case Manager who will contact you to advise the best product and confirm the next steps.